How long does it take to create a custom wreath?

It depends on whether I have supplies in stock or need to source new items to ensure the final product is something you love!  The length of time for me to make a wreath can range from a couple of hours to a couple of days. Details are important to me and sometimes it can take a little longer before I am confident and satisfied that the piece is finished. 

When I make custom items, the client is involved throughout the process. I send pictures throughout the process to ensure we align on the vision for the final product.


Do you only make floral items?

I love flowers, greenery and all things that remind me of nature. However, I do make other things if requested. The most satisfying thing is being able to make something for someone that exceeds their expectation and they love. Whether a wreath, paper flowers or 3D names, I put the same amount of detail into it.


How long do the wreaths last?

I treat all the wood and the flowers to help protect against weather elements and UV rays.  It should be noted that glue is used on most of the wreaths so being in direct sunlight/heat consistently for extended amounts of time could cause some of the florals or leaves to dislodge. With proper care and storage (when not in use), your wreath could last for years.  I have clients that have had wreaths for 3 years since I started the business and they still look great.


How does Afterpay work?

It is super easy! You select Afterpay as the payment option from the product page as you put it into your cart. The vendor will withdraw the agreed upon payment every two weeks from the account information you provide.  The best part is you DO NOT have to wait until you finish making payments to receive your order!  It will be shipped the same as if you paid in full. 


Have more questions? Send me an email – info@shesseauxcrafty.com





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